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Warning. This is not a trip to tick off your bucket list. Truth is, although you may have held a long term wish to see the Himalayas, visit strange old cultures or experience new sights smells and tastes, there are a number of avenues to achieve this such as India, Nepal, China / Tibet even. Done, tick, next.

The difference with the Breathe Bhutan journey is time. That long forgotten (for us) respect for the here and now, and what mother nature and her friends have been doing while we have been burning the earth. This trip won’t just take you out back, it will take you back in time.

From the moment you land there is a peaceful ambience that soon envelops you and takes you back to an earlier period of your life when things were simple and fun. Your friendly guides will get under your self important guard and have you grinning and singing as you succumb to the time slip and become victim to your childlike happiness.

See how our ancestors would have lived (and respected their surroundings) without the greed for material wealth.

Here you can see our world before steam was king. A time when a smile was the best gift for a friend, and respect was measured by the heart instead of the wallet.

If this was just a bucket list experience, it wouldn’t leave you feeling like doing it all again and forget the rest.

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