The Story

There comes a time when we look for a little more from our travels
To truly know what travel is you must experience life as it really is
To not just visit a place but to live it
To meet the people who make up these rich and diverse cultures
This becomes the ultimate in life changing experiences
And opens your heart and mind to travel that leaves
A lasting impression on your life
Your travel becomes your story.

Sue Tanian

Hi, I’m Sue Tanian. I’m the founder of Parallel 50.

The inspiration behind Parallel 50 found its beginnings whilst on my very first overseas trip to Mongolia. I travelled solo staying with nomadic families and travelling far towards the Siberian border by horseback, clunky old jeeps and on foot for 2 months. No plans. No expectations.

This was true life experience travel and an amazing way to kickstart my passion for discovering the real essence of a country. It was not the usual way to introduce yourself to overseas travel but then Parallel 50 journeys are anything but usual.

A wonderful encounter with a nomadic family I was living with suddenly changed the way I saw this whole travel deal. It was then I decided I needed to share these type of journeys with other travellers like yourself, encounters with local people and their way of life to allow you to discover what travel is really about for Parallel 50.

Many tourists never really meet the people that make up these amazing cultures and for my travellers it soon becomes their story. I truly love the people and am passionate about the places we journey to.

Oh by the way, Mongolia lies on the 50th Parallel, so now you see where it all began. And I hope travelling with Parallel 50 will be the start of your journey, or a continuation of your journey to get a little more from your travels.

This is the Start of Our Story. It’s Time to Start your Your Story.



Life Experience Travel

There is so much more to travel than seeing the grand sights and ticking off how many countries you have been to. Let’s not just visit a place. Let’s live it! Meet the people and learn about these rich and diverse cultures from them. See these amazing sights through their eyes also. Then you will truly know what travel is.


Life thru the Lens

Travel with a professional photographer in what has to be the best classroom in the world! Especially encouraging for learners to help introduce impact to your images by learning to see and making best use of your camera and photography techniques in a relaxed, fun environment.


Life as it Really Is

The ultimate in life changing travel experiences for those looking to combine their love of travel and wanting to assist remote rural villages. Live in villagers’ homes, share their meals, live their life. All the while involving yourself in our Rural Assistance Projects based around health, education and sustainable community programs. The only skill needed is your ability to open your heart and mind to travel that leaves a lasting impression on your life.

Why do the tours?


Designed For You

Travel how and where you want for how long you want with an itinerary designed for you and your interests. Let’s chat to find the ultimate combination for your travel!


Solo travel or organise your own small group and we will do the rest

Small Group

Customised travel for 4-12 people


Getting off the beaten track for travel experiences with a difference without sacrificing divine accommodation at the end of the day.


For the ultimate in life experience travel and cultural immersion choose a short course or day trip to enhance your knowledge and skills to optimise your journey.
One, two, seven or seventeen days? Your choice!

Learn Conversational Language

Being able to have simple conversation with local people is a wonderful way to enhance your social interaction. Greet a local, visit a family, order a meal, shop at the markets and learn in a fun relaxed environment and love the way it warms your experience of meeting people.

Local Cuisine

Bake local bread, cook a Tagine, learn what spices go with what, shop for supplies at the local market, meet the farmers that grow the produce, dine on a rooftop. It’s all about food!

Rally Driving

Follow in the tracks of famous rallies such as the Dakar Rally. Villages of mud houses, spectacular sand dunes of the Sahara, ancient escarpments, nomad camps and oh those stars!

Camel Safari

Travel on ancient trading routes, camp under the stars, learn about the ways of the desert tribes and life in these remote regions, stay with families, enjoy traditional meals around the campfire, learn camel handling skills.

Mind & Body Awareness

Take yourself away to a retreat to become alive again! Meditation in the Himalayas or place of choice finding inner calm. Yoga, learn about the Buddhist and Monk way of life, relaxation and breathing freshness in to your world. A wonderful insight in to clearing the clutter!

Learn about Muslim Life

Discover a greater understanding and tolerance of an oft misunderstood culture and people. Deepen your knowledge of the mystical ways of Islam giving you a more meaningful travel experience.

Horses for Courses

Learn traditional horse and riding techniques from the steppes of Mongolia or the realms of Moroccan Fantasia’s stunning Arab horses. Safari in India on famous Marwari horses and all the fanfare that goes with the festivals whether it be the Nadaam Festival in Mongolia with amazing horseman riding skills or the likes of the Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan with its dancing horses. Live on an Argentinian cattle ranch and mix it with the Gaucho Cowboys. All things horses!

Artistry & Music Vibes

Try beating out the rhythm on an African drum, making paper, weave a basket, mix it up with mosaics, strum a sitar or paint a thangka. A fun way of learning local traditions.

Brrrrmmm Brrrrrmmmm Motorbikes!

Love Motorbikes? Then why not have a holiday riding epic journeys such as the breadth of Bhutan on Royal Enfields or whipping up a bit of dust on a KTM on the old Dakar Rally course in the Sahara in Morocco? Its a lot of fun and a real adventure!

So you get the idea! Whether it be food, trekking, festivals, motorbiking, cycling, Bollywood dance class or learning a language we can include these activities and courses to help make your journey a complete travel experience!

Let’s meet over a coffee! Parallel 50 would love to chat with you about your next journey.