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For me, capturing memories of my travels was an area for improvement. Never having owned a digital camera before, and only purchasing one 4 weeks before we were to leave, I had a lot of learning to do. The photography workshops provided along the way, and having someone on hand to answer my questions and show me some beginner’s tricks (and explain all those buttons and numbers) was fantastic. Sue was very patient and supportive whilst I learnt about shutter speeds and apertures, and when to just go for it, take the shot and not miss the opportunity.

I was amazed and thrilled to be taking photos of moving prayer wheels, beautiful portraits of the Bhutanese, and some pretty fancy night shots.

I even got the rookie photographer award for the trip!

Whilst I got excited and carried away with my new found skills, I also appreciated having someone teaching me (and reminding me!) of camera/photographic etiquette with politeness and respect in other cultures. Thank you Sue, you are a wonderful teacher!

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