Carol, Canberra

From the dry Bedouin home in the south to the lush green eco home in the north, Iran was an amazing journey. Sue has ensured that we experience all that this ancient culture, and its people, have to offer. Of the many countries i have visited, Iran has been the most welcoming. The people were keen to make us feel safe and welcome in their country and to learn all they could about ours. Their hospitality was amazing.

For a long time I had hoped to visit the lands that were ruled by Darius, Xerxes and Cyrus. The long history of Persia and the gifts it has given to the world have held a fascination for me. Sue has planned and delivered a trip that explores the history, architecture and culture of this unique country. Parallel 50 has met and surpassed my expectations. I look forward to my next adventure with Sue.

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