Rajasthan, Majestic India

Rajasthan is described as being full of colour and majesty. It has a feeling of old time grace with amazing architecture that makes you feel like you are walking through a painting. Life in many ways appears unchanged. But it is the people we meet, the moments we share and the stories we hear that will also capture our hearts.

There comes a time when we start to look for a little more from our travels, to take a different road, to experience travel one street back with encounters that exhilarate the senses. And superb accommodation at the end of the day.

Parallel 50. This is life. This is travel

What better place to go to on your first day the the majestic site of the Taj Mahal! Relax before our early morning visit and learn the story of this most famous wonder. The Taj Mahal is truly a majestic sight. There are no words to describe this…you simply must experience it. Share Dewali celebration with a family. It is a joyous time and splashes of bright orange marigolds adorn the streets. Everyone is out and about with fireworks and fun spilling into the neighbourhood.

Enjoy the lovely feel to Bundi with its stepwells and murals. We might even go to Jhalawar and meet a Maharajah today! And a 1000 year old Temple. A local festival is on and we will meet an artist family. Explore the bazaars.

Bhainsrorgarh is a cultural delight in gorge country. Village life, cook a meal, boating on the river or visit a temple. Take a sunset safari drive to a tribal village.

How thrilling to be amongst the camels, horses and their herders for the Pushkar Camel Fair! So much activity, colour and carnival atmosphere. A true highlight!

The blue city of Jodphur is a wonderful place to explore the streets, the forts and the amazing bazaars! Traditional food with a family and walk the narrow lanes.

Shekhawati is the largest open art gallery in the world. An ancient trading route with stunning painted scenes on its homes. What a delight! Watch the dyers colour the clothes. Visit a warehouse of everything old from ruined havelis (traditional homes). Would you like to visit an astrologer?

A shoppers delight is Jaipur and the impressive Amber Fort. Visit the elephant village and maybe we will strut our stuff at a Bollywood dance class or join the kids for a game of cricket? Anything is possible in India as we walk the town!

A true highlight will be experiencing the Light Festival on the banks of the River Ganges at Varanasi. Pilgrims, boat rides, butter lamps as far as the eye can see, music and holy men. Visit an Ashram, traditional sari weavers and walk in the old city.

Explore Lucknow – street walking, take in the sights, see a mosque and a perfect day for a food tour!

Street walking is one of the best ways to see how life is as we make our way back to Delhi in preparation for our flight home after seeing the incredible place and people that is India!

Depart Incredible India!

Rajasthan Tour Map