Nepal Rural Assistance Project

A wonderful combination of life experience travel and volunteer project to a destination with breathtaking mountain scenery, impossible terraced rice fields, splashes of bright colour and warm, gentle people that stay in your heart and mind for a long time. But it is the people we meet, the moments we share and the stories we hear that will also capture our hearts. There comes a time when we start to look for a little more from our travels, to take a different road, to experience travel one street back with encounters that exhilarate the senses.

Parallel 50. This is Life. This is Travel.

Blue Rust Projects

Travelling to amazing locations is always thrilling but by far the best experience is meeting the people, for it is they who make our hearts and minds grow with every encounter. This led to the idea of combining our love of travel with rural assistance programs in the areas we journey through.

And so began Blue Rust Projects.

Your donation for the Project helps remote villages in Nepal. Our projects help villages develop a sustainable community program. Health and education are our main focus which leads to improved quality of life. Other projects have seen us build a community centre, supply solar power and solar lighting, agricultural programs, supply computers to teachers and schools, and support adult education classes. And the beauty of all this is there are no skills needed to participate! Just the willingness to share wonderful exchanges with the people who make their way into your life! The projects vary depending on what the particular needs of that village are.

We were able to assist 180 families with roofing iron and tarps for shelter after the devastating effects of the earthquakes in 2015 and what a delight and privilege to meet those villagers and be able to conduct a project for their beautiful community. We may take small steps but they are steps that lead to moments in life that simply shine for a long time to come. And this is all possible because of the wonderful compassion and efforts from our Aussie mates. Thank you. Open hearts lead to open minds!

Blue Rust Projects are 100% non-profit and every dollar goes to where it is intended….the village.

Transfer to hotel and enjoy your introduction to the delightfully chaotic Kathmandu, a shoppers paradise with cheerful rickshaw drivers, horns blasting, rooftop cafes, ancient architecture and a buzz of life that you will just love!

Today we make preparations for our travels to the Volunteer Project Village tomorrow. We will be picking up our supplies and will have a briefing on how life will be over the next few days. Explore the streets and visit Kathmandu’s amazing sights. Might even be some time for a bit of shopping for those who cannot resist! And a visit to our favourite restaurant in all of Kathmandu!

A big day in the saddle today. Travelling by local bus is an experience you won’t forget! Sitting alongside a box of cheeping chicks and driving through villages off the beaten track will see you not wanting to miss a moment! Pure excitement, wonder, laughter, meeting locals and a sore backside guaranteed! This is everyday travel for most Nepalis and I highly recommend the experience. Be prepared to take the whole day to arrive at our beautiful village where we will be welcomed with open arms and will be taken to what will be our homes for the next few days.

Stroll through the village and meet the villagers before lunching with the host family. The afternoon will see us starting our work in the field helping to prepare for the planting of the cardamom crop (spice) we are providing for a community cash crop for the village. The village uses only organic products and cardamom is seen as a sustaining choice. It takes a slow 3 years to establish but then is productive for 20 years so know that your contribution will continue to provide income for the village long after you have returned home. Being a community crop also means more hands on deck letting the children get back to their classes at school. Health programs will take place then complete the day by climbing to a nearby hilltop to enjoy the evening sunset.

Spend time with the schools and villagers with our training and livestock programs…but a warning…the school children will melt your hearts! A very special time. And if you are up for some sport the children will love playing a game with you. Blue Rust Projects is delighted to involve an Untouchables village in our livestock breeding program so we will have fun getting this program in place. Our last evening at the village will see us be entertained by a cultural program from the mother’s group. By now you will have a new Nepali family. Take the time to soak in village life and the spectacular snow capped Himalayan mountains.

Lets start our next journey as we head towards the hilltribe Newari style village of Bandipur. It has preserved its old time culture but has a range of restaurants to make it easy on travellers. Many of the men from the villages in this area served as Gurkha soldiers. Enjoy spectacular views of the Himalayas.

There are some peaceful strolls around the area and we will visit some quaint sites and see how the region has been developed and promoted with the conservation of the natural environment in mind whilst support local enterprises. Bandipur is historically a trading centre on the India-Tibet trade route. It is a great delight to see that the cultural heritage and architecture of this region has been preserved.

Today it is hoped that we can visit a small rural village very much affected by the earthquakes and have had their main water supply diverted through the ground elsewhere as a result. We will be looking at what we can do to help with getting water, a simple right, to this village. Enjoy an authentic stay with the villagers.

The next couple of days will be spent on the top of a mountain in a coffee plantation. Enjoy walking the village, meeting the locals, nights around the campfire, and mountain views. Oh and the traditional food is divine! Relax in paradise! Visit the beautiful community school, another highlight of our travels in Nepal. The school is making great progress but of course there is always much to do. Learn about how this motivated community are making a difference in the lives of the children and families that live here and your heart will grow a whole heap bigger.

Time to make our way back to the city. Take in the river views and terraced fields before we head to the stupa at Bodnath for sunset from the rooftops as you listen to the chanting mantras.

An early morning street walk through the local market place is a wonderful way to start the day! Fresh vegetables, street food, hot steaming masala chai, the waft of aromatic spices, street barbers, flower sellers and so much more! Spend the day exploring the ancient Newari sites in the old areas of Kathmandu and meeting the charismatic Sadhus (holy men) who lead an intrigueing life. Tonight lets celebrate with a farewell dinner as we spend our last night together.

Enjoy a last early morning street walk. Life is in full swing. Depart for airport for flight home after an amazing journey in wonderful Nepal.

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