Ladakh: Mountains & Monasteries

Heaven and Himalaya leads the Tibetan way of life in this remote and spectacularly beautiful part of the world. You will surely get your mountain fix here! The stunning scenery, ancient monasteries and time unchanged make this an amazing journey to a part of India that is not as you know it. Beautiful Tibetan faces welcome you and crystal clear high altitude lakes and rugged snow capped peaks will take your breath away. Ladakh will most definitely have you saying ‘wow’ countless times in a day.

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Depart Delhi airport aboard your flight to Leh, the capital city of Ladakh. The people of this region are of Tibetan descent and is very sparsely populated. Yes we are remote! At an elevation of 3500m we will take it easy the first day as we take time to acclimatise.

Let’s explore! The ancient local market is abuzz with the selling of fresh vegetables with women dressed in traditional clothing. Wander the ancient alleyways and view sunset from Shanti Stupa.

Share morning prayers with the monks, a truly enchanting experience. The chanting and drum beats will mesmerise! The palace is mostly in ruins now but Shey monastery, also built in 1655, has an intriguing statue of gilded gold.

Dah is a wonderfully preserved village as we drive alongside the Indus River. The valley is known for apricots, walnuts, tomatoes, grapes and beautiful scenery. The villagers will welcome you with the biggest of smiles!

You will love this 500 year old hilltop village with its maze of winding tunnels and ancient courtyards. Sunset over this beautiful landscape will be a lovely end to the day.

Take a journey today along the banks of the Indus River through small settlements with colourful mountain backdrops to the nomadic camps along the way. The stunning turquoise lake appears as we take a walk through the village.

Mountain views and colourful valleys on our drive back to Leh.

Another spectacular mountain pass takes us past herds of yaks on the meadows to Hundar Village. Sand dunes at the Shyok River is an unusual sight where we spend some time with the Bactrian camels. Lets take a view over the valley.

Today you will feel like you are in a different country as we enjoy the charming Muslim village at Turtuk. Waterfalls, walks, distant views of K2 (second highest mountain in the world), monasteries and mosques…what better way to spend the day.

Travel to the top of the gorge to the tiny village of Hundar Dok for a walk following a glacier-melt stream through terraced farmland with that impressive backdrop of mountains again!

Get ready to tackle this high mountain Pass as we head to Leh. We are pretty high up here! A breathtaking 5,359 metres! Worth a photo stop for sure! Relax to some traditional music tonight before leaving this stunning land behind tomorrow.

Our flight will return us to Delhi for the end of our spectacular journey to Ladakh.

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