Iran Tour

Persian culture is rich in this stunning land that is Iran. It is a middle eastern country home to one of the oldest civilisations. It is also home to 21 UNESCO World Heritage Sites ranking it 7th in the world. It is time to experience this.

Iran may not be as you think…the scenery is spectacular and the people are the among the friendliest in the world….but it is the people we meet, the moments we share and the stories we hear that capture our hearts. There comes a time when we start to look for a little more from our travels, to take a different road, to experience travel one street back with encounters that exhilarate the senses.

Parallel 50. This is Life. This is Travel

Welcome to amazing Iran! Transfer to your hotel and relax from your journey or take a stroll to explore Tehran. You will have an early start tomorrow.

Take our domestic flight to Shiraz, the heart of Persian culture. Shiraz is full of beautiful gardens, exquisite mosques and the City of Poets. There is nothing like getting straight in to life as it is. Spend a night with a nomadic family experiencing rural living and learning about the nomads way of life. What an exciting way to start your travels in Iran!

The majesty of this fallen empire is very evident in the grandeur that you will see in the imposing remains. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was buried in dust and sand but excavations that began in the 1930s reveal its grandeur. Arrive at one of Iran’s highlights, the old mud brick town will delight with its maze of laneways and silks and textiles. We will find a rooftop for some views over the village.

Be inspired by the magnificent minarets and exquisite mosaics of the Jameh Mosque and the areas historic buildings. Street walking is a wonderful way to explore as things unfold around each corner. This is one place where you won’t mind getting lost. Yazd’s old city is one of the oldest in the world…need I say any more?

Travel to this virtually deserted mudbrick village that is thought to be 1000 years old! Some restoration has taken place but there are plenty of crumbling buildings that have their own appeal. Experience the oasis village of Mesr that enjoys spring water from the nearby mountains. I think a night watching the sun set and looking at the stars would round off the day nicely. Stay in a desert guest house.

The desert has a romance all of its own and can be simply stunning in the right light. Mesr is a very small village that sets a scene that will work its way to your heart. Here the sunset takes on a new meaning…as does the silence the desert brings. A welcome sight will be the oasis of Garmeh with its date palms and 1500 year old mud village set in the desert.

Naein has one of the oldest mosques still standing in Iran. Ancient aqueducts (as in 3000 years ancient!) brought water from the mountains to these plains and are still functioning today. This town is also well known for its monuments and high quality carpets (ooh) and textiles.

A place that will capture your attention. Persian gardens, majestic buildings, craftsmen, ancient bazaars and old bridges lend it a sense of grandeur that has been quoted as “Isfahan is half the world”. We will try and do justice in the time we have!

This remote crumbling but appealing village at the foot of the mountains will delight with its winding lanes and red mudbrick housess. Estimated to be at least 1500 years you will want to spend time strolling and climbing the steep paths to absorb some of the age of this place. The bazaar in Kashan oozes atmosphere….best we check it out! It is famous for its textiles, pottery and tiles. And dare I say….rugs.

Here is a traditional village where we will enjoy true Iranian hospitality in our home stay for the night. Lose yourself in the ruins of the old castle.

Be afraid…be very afraid…we are heading to carpet country! Oh and grapes! Get your strolling shoes on. Traditional craftsmen are dotted around making your walk and interesting path of discovery.

A medieval castle today that has made good use of the mountainous terrain to build its stone and brick fortifications. At a mere 1000 years old, this ancient place of Masuleh is one of the most beautiful villages in Iran with its forests, mountains and earthy houses set on the steep slopes. The roof of one house is the path for the next it is so steep! By staying here we get the chance to avoid the day-trippers in that golden light hour in the morning and evening. Enjoy your homestay!

A traditional village you will enjoy walking around with its rivers, rice paddies, tea farms and orchards. The villagers wear beautiful bright coloured traditional fabrics for their dress. It is also an area well known for its music and dancing. Enjoy our homestay again.

There are a few options here with some being taking a stroll around the foothills of the surrounding mountains, a visit to palaces, galleries, bazaars or simply soak up the Tehran coffee shop culture. Enjoy a celebration dinner for our last night together and re-live our Iranian adventure!

Farewell to stunning and surprising Iran as we take our flights onwards.

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